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Employee Reward & Gift Program

Reward your employee's hard work

Rewarding and recognizing employees leads to greater employee engagement, increased retention and helps create a more positive overall workplace.

Event Swag

Give them the swag they want to keep.

Planning an event? Branded swag for virtual, in-person or hybrid events helps to not only increase awareness of your event itself, but also increase your brand recognition overall.

Employee Onboarding

Give them a warm welcome.

Gifting new employees branded merchandise during onboarding can create a feeling of loyalty to the company and increase a team environment.

Gift with purchase programs

Entice and convert buyers.

Gift with purchase programs instantly attracts customer attention. When the gift is also useful it improves the overall customer experience.

Pop Up Shops

Generate excitement and a sense of urgency.

Pop-Up shops are a temporary store set up for your company. The perfect solution for gathering sizes or color preferences, these shops can save costs with bulk ordering.

Branded Merch Drops

Boost visibility, sales, and social media engagement.

Branded and co-branded merch drops are a short-term commitment, letting brands be flexible and focus on offering a unique experience.

Employee Apparel & Uniforms

Simple solution for employee apparel

Does your company provide employee apparel and uniforms? We make it simple for employees to choose their sizes and preferences and get it shipped directly to their door.

Employee Awards & Recognition

Confirm that their hard work is valued.

When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

Sales Goal Programs

Celebrate the completion of goals.

Nothing will motivate your employees more than feeling that you appreciate and acknowledge excellence by rewarding them.

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Features & Benefits

Need your clients/employees to provide you with info?

  • Gather size preferences
  • Securely collect preferred shipping addresses
  • Personalization field (Perfect for uniforms or sports)
  • Teams can provide required information, like purpose, department or cost center
  • Let them choose their preferred gift!

Your brand is your identity. Having one place where all your branded merchandise resides provides your company with:

  • Brand Consistency
  • Pre-approved products for team use

Stop storing company swag in your garage!

  • No more storage closets, keep your inventory “in the cloud”
  • Share inventory between teams
  • Easily re-order swag
  • Products on demand and ready to ship
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