Custom Coasters and pop-up card

C-Suite Invites and Thank-You Gifts

Keysight Technologies reached out to IPG looking for a unique way to entice C-Suite Executives to meet with their sales team at a major industry event. We collaborated with a New England artist to create these one of a kind sailing themed coasters and 3-D invitations. The excitement around the theme of “setting sail” was enough to garner multiple meetings with top executives in the industry.

Those who ultimately met with the Keysight team were surprised with an elaborate follow up gift continuing the sailing theme, marrying  high quality branded merchandise to the memory of the event. 

IPG provides inspirational ideas and sustainable goods that represent diverse and local vendors. They are easy to work with, fast to respond, and can handle my most complex requests! 

Marlo Manaloto, Keysight Technologies

Coasters and card for C-Suite Customers

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