Our proudest legacy is happy customers

Imagine Promotional Group is a woman-owned business with a reputation for delivering incredible customer service and exceptional results. For nearly 20 years, we’ve worked with large and small companies in the tech sector and beyond. As we continue to expand the services we offer, we’re more excited than ever to help you bring creative ideas to life.


Anna-Claire Eakin Founder & CEO

Anna-Claire Eakin

Founder & CEO

Anna-Claire relishes the challenge of growing a small business, with all the flexibility, creativity, and uncertainty the entrepreneurial journey brings. Never content with the status quo, she encourages her team to try new ideas, stay nimble, and treat failure as a vital part of growth and progress. Anna-Claire is energized to lead IPG toward a future where the company provides even more value for its customers.

Favorite professional skill
A thoughtful planner, Anna-Claire likes to look at the big picture and make strategic steps towards big achievements. Above all, she’s a believer. In herself. In her team. In her company.

Outside of work
Anna-Claire is competitive by nature…especially when it comes to board games and racquet sports. A USTA League tennis player, she has a simple mantra: All tennis. All the time.

Little-known fact
Anna-Claire is the youngest of 7 siblings, and hails from Belmont, California. She is the maker of fabulous recipes that can never be recreated. Knower of all dog names.

Valerie Montplaisir
Chief Financial Officer

Keeping track of the books may not be glamorous, but Valerie brings wit, good humor, and close attention to detail to every part of the job. A vital part of the IPG team for many years, Valerie wields her skills for the good of the company and our clients. Her mission is making the numbers add up, keeping accounts in order, and ensuring that checks go out at the right time.

Favorite professional skill
Some may not call it a skill, but Valerie doesn’t shy away from keeping the team on track, whether that means facilitating a meeting or balancing lofty goals with real numbers.

Outside of work
Valerie enjoys spending time with her daughters and her pup, Chili.

Little-known fact
Valerie loves a good game of trivia, and participates weekly in a trivia tournament. She is full of off the wall tidbits.